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Vaccines, Government & Big Pharma’s Dirty Money

« Vaccines are big business. Pharma is a trillion-dollar industry with vaccines accounting for $25 billion in annual sales. CDC’s decision to add a vaccine to the schedule can guarantee its manufacturer millions of customers and billions in revenue with minimal advertising or marketing costs and complete immunity from lawsuits. »

21st-Century Slaves: How Corporations Exploit Prison Labor

There is a legend according to which capitalism and slavery are mutually exclusive. It is only a legend. The truth is, the lower the wages, the higher the profits.
If Trump wants to « make America great again », the first thing he should do, even before repatriating outsourced jobs, is to eliminate free prison labor. That would yield masses of jobs, probably in the tens of thousands, for everyday Americans.

Poland, Hungary Join Together to Challenge EU Bureaucracy

The disenchantment with European integration is already pervasive in the region. Eurosceptics not only challenge Brussels, they demonstrate their willingness to unite. A new alliance appears to be emerging inside the EU to undermine it, or even destroy it, from within. Other nations inspired by this example are likely to join, spurring the process that can hardly be stopped.

America’s Fentanyl Crisis « Is Surging, With No End In Sight »

As opposed to what that piece retrieved from Zerohedge says, of course there is an end in sight. One could even call it a silver bullet: just ban the medical prescriptions of opioids nationwide, save for life-threatening conditions, like in every sane country.
That is not what the USA considers because it is not « good business ». So the US will just carry on with their phoney « War On Drugs » while people will be high and hooked on legal prescription meds all over the country. And then, when cured and no more able to get their dose on medical grounds, striving to get their high in the street.

Why America Needs War

By Jacques R. Pauwels, historian, political scientist, author of The Myth of the Good War: America in the Second World War (James Lorimer, Toronto, 2002). Together with personalities like Ramsey Clark, Michael Parenti, William Blum, Robert Weil, Michel Collon, Peter Franssen and many others, he signed “The International Appeal against US-War”.