Who we are – In English

« You have to start with the truth. The truth is the only way that we can get anywhere. Because any decision-making that is based upon lies or ignorance can’t lead to a good conclusion.” –  Julian Assange

We believe, like Assange and an army of independent and dissident journalists, authors, historians, academic experts, former intelligence officials, bloggers and citizens the world over, that no progress of any kind can be based on lies or fake information. We do not believe either that everything is a matter of differing opinions. There are such things as facts, and facts are unyielding.

While we don’t think anyone, nor any political side, holds the whole of the truth, we think that, above and beyond the personal or political opinions of each, only the truth can be the foundation of real social progress and future accomplishments.

That is why we reserve the right to take our information from any relevant and properly researched sources, without partisanship or political bias.

We are a totally independent and free French not-for-profit news organization.

Join us if you will. All nationalities welcome!

Email: association. entelekheia @ gmail.com (without the spaces)