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Ojibwa tales by an elder, 4

« Here we are … visiting friends! These folks don’t know we’re coming because we couldn’t call ahead. They don’t have extra cups and plates, let alone a refrigerator full of food because, of course, they don’t have a refrigerator. And they don’t have extra beds or blankets…but that’s OK … even though we plan on staying a week or more! » – By Nokomis

Ojibwa tales by an elder, 3

« Years ago there were few opportunities for women to make their own money… even if they lived in town and even if they were « white » women. Picking berries was an important activity for the women of my mother’s generation. Not only were the berries nutritious and tasty, they were a source of income. » – By Nokomis

Ojibwa tales by an elder, 2

« I had wanted to talk about Mom who was holding a baby in one hand, checking supper with the other while avoiding the cats and kids under her feet. But no matter how I tried I ended up talking about the stove. Here’s the story. – By Nokomis

Ojibwa tales by an elder

Nokomis is an Ojibwa elder and a great naive story-teller. Here are some of her stories about her First nations people, her youth, her hunter father, her stay-at-home mother and her life with nothing but boundless human ingenuity and patience, out there decades ago in the Canadian wilds, north of Lake Superior, miles from anywhere.